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AMS, Inc.

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AMS, Inc.

Contact Information

Address: 105 Harrison St.
American Falls   ID 83211-1230
Phone: (208) 226-2017


NAICS code (primary): 334519: Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing
Estimated # of Employees: 40 at location
40 in the U.S.
Unionized? No

Company Details

Company Type:
Now recognized as AMS, Inc., and manufacturing a variety of soil sampling equipment, including, hand sampling tools, a dual tube sampling system, portable groundwater monitoring system, and the powerful, world renowned PowerProbe™ direct push drill rigs. AMS is still driven by the simple philosophy that each product is a “Work of Art." Each piece of AMS equipment is custom built and exhaustively tested by our highly qualified employees, to meet the customer's exact needs and specifications. Our diligent efforts to provide a quality product combined with a strong commitment to technological improvements of the AMS product line and even greater commitment to customer service, has solidified AMS, Inc. as a major manufacturer in the global environmental industry.
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