Drill Pro International, Inc.

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Drill Pro International, Inc.

Contact Information

Address: 4301 Challenger Way
Caldwell   ID 83653-0219
Email: orders@drillpro.net
Phone: (208) 336-4970
Website: http://www.drillpro.net


Owner Classification: Private Corporation
NAICS code (primary): 333132: Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
Year established: 1988
Estimated # of Employees:
7 in Idaho
Unionized? No

Company Details

Company Type:
Drilling equipment & supplies for open pit mining, quarry drilling, water well drilling & oil & gas drilling, including bushings, hammers, bits & full-service machine, welding & fabrication shop
Preferred Job Types:
Markets Served:
Materials you work with:
Services provided:
Certifications & Quality Systems:
Future/Desired Markets: